PVC Sprayable Coatings

PVC Sprayable Coatings
A specially formulated PVC sprayable resin, which dries to give a tough, flexible, impervious coating is available. The PVC resin is a neutral colour that can then be tinted with basic standard colours. The sprayable PVC possesses excellent resistance to salt solution, dilute acids and alkalis, diesel fuel, detergents, antiseptics, etc., and is ideally suited to such environments such as hospital and medical applications. It is normally used to provide a skin on flexible and rigid plastic foams (not polystyrene). This skin will seal against the ingress of liquids. Such covered foams may be used in furniture or bedding, where resistance to detergents and antiseptics is advantageous, for sound deadening of motor vehicles where diesel oil resistance is important and for wrestling mats, children’s play blocks, etc. It may also be used to provide visual effects on buoyancy aids. Fibrous materials such as fibreglass, mineral wool etc., may be coated to prevent the nuisance of loose fibres and dust.
Fire retardance of the coating can be improved with the inclusion of a fire retardant additive.
The PVC coating is ideally suited to such environments as:
Commercial / Industrial

Medical / Orthopaedic

Boating and Marine


Also available is a related PVC resin, which dries to give a tough, chemical resistant, impervious coating.